13064505_1267694953242458_6415480147414553905_oA Rhode to Rediscovery is an incredible opportunity for students, faculty, and visitors at the University of Rhode Island to rediscover what draws so many to this university and to reconnect with special spaces on campus. To this end, we have pinpointed nine significant sites on the Kingston Campus that we have deemed undiscovered – either because the community in general is unaware of their existence, or because people don’t know why they are important. Each stop on the tour was specifically selected to help our community return to its roots, and to commemorate the reasons we all came together to begin with. We start our journey at the Gender and Sexuality Center, one of the University’s major symbols of accomplishment and bravery, which was the result of significant on-campus activism. As we progress on our tour, we will illuminate several of the other central values of our institution as they are conveyed through these widely overlooked spaces on campus. We hope that you find the tour enjoyable and memorable. Welcome to your Rhode to Rediscovery.

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Also, make sure to click the blue to check out the tour from last year called A Cabinet of Curiosities!