Carlotti Student Art Gallery

Most URI students are aware that the University’s Department of Art and Art History contains a large number of students. Some students are familiar with the fact that the Fine Arts Center has student artwork on display. However, there are very few people on campus who have even heard of the Carlotti Student Gallery Art Exhibit.

This untapped goldmine of student talent is located in the first floor hallway outside of the Vice President for Administration offices in the Carlotti Administration Building on the southwest corner of the Quad. It is not just a gallery, but a fierce competition! During the semiannual contest, the University’s top student artists produce pieces of art in a variety of media to be judged and potentially put up for sale as part of that season’s exhibition. However, there is more involved with the Carlotti Exhibition than a simple chance at winning first, second, or third place. The artists also gain a noteworthy addition to their resumes, as well as the opportunity to profit from their work if their piece is selected to be purchased.
One former contribution to the Carlotti Exhibit, in the 2015 fall gallery, was a panorama entitled “Hodge Family Wildlife Preserve.” The artist, Matthew Valletta, demonstrated his outstanding abilities with digital photography and won first place. The Exhibit not only served to display Valletta’s talents to the community, it also gave the artist a means of expressing his artistic vision in an open forum.

Given its location in an administration building, which is far removed both geographically and functionally from the Fine Arts Center, it is unsurprising that the Carlotti Student Art Exhibit often goes overlooked, but this hidden collection of high quality student work shows us that the Arts are alive on this campus and they won’t be confined to the Fine Arts Center.

To view the art that was mentioned, go to the following website: